House Budget Proposal Position Statement

Dear PA-PCA Member, Consumer, Attendee and Fellow Advocates –

The House of Representatives passed a budget proposal last week that is of concern to Home and Community Based Services Providers due to both cuts and program consolidation. This budget proposal now heads to the Senate which will likely take up the measure when they return to session after the Memorial Day weeklong recess. Members of the PCA Board and staff continue to work with key legislators and decision makers, but advocacy from you and your networks would be beneficial.

Thus, please take time to contact your local legislators (especially Senators this week when they are in their district offices), as well as members of the Senate Appropriations and Aging Committees listed immediately below (names link to their contact info) asking to restore funding to the Governor’s budget for Home and Community Based Services.


Corman, Jake
, Chair
Tomlinson, Robert M., Vice Chair
Hughes, Vincent J. , Minority Chair
Ferlo, Jim, Minority Vice Chair
Pileggi, Dominic, ex-officio
Costa, Jay, ex-officio
Scarnati, Joseph B., III, ex-officio

Argall, David G.
Baker, Lisa
Brubaker, Mike
Gordner, John R.
Greenleaf, Stewart J.
Mensch, Bob
Pippy, John
Rafferty, John C., Jr.
Smucker, Lloyd K.
Vance, Patricia H.
Waugh, Michael L.
White, Mary Jo

Blake, John P.
Boscola, Lisa M.
Farnese, Jr., Lawrence M.
Fontana, Wayne D.
Tartaglione, Christine M.
Wozniak, John N.
Yudichak, John T.


Ward, Kim L. , Chair
Orie, Jane Clare, Vice Chair
Washington, LeAnna M. , Minority Chair
Scarnati, Joseph B., III, ex-officio

Alloway, Richard L., II
Argall, David G.
Baker, Lisa
Vogel, Elder A., Jr.

Schwank, Judith L.
Stack, Michael J.
Yudichak, John T.

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